E-Shielder’s TAS (Technology as Service)
E-Shielder’s TAS (Technology as Service) is an affordable new way to get technological solutions as a Service.

E-Shielder’s TAS (Technology as Service) is an unique solution which helps our customers like Companies, Corporates, Industries, Factories, Educational Institutions, Shopping Malls, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals and Multi Apartments to easily and affordably that anyone can take that step.

E-Shielder’s TAS is allowing technological solutions for our customers in a simple and smart way. Plainly put, E-Shielder Technologies Private Limited pays for, installs, owns and operates the installation. Our customers don’t have to worry about maintaining the equipment or any of the other concerns that come with making an investment into a technological solution.

All our customers have to do is pay a flat and most economical monthly service charges whereas they can utilize all the benefits of that technological solution from the service charge.

Just take a look at some of the benefits that our customers will receive:

No large investment, no need to become a financial expert to justify your investment.
No Capital Expenditure. Revenue expenditure only.
Service fees are fixed and not subject to inflation or interest rate hikes. This allows you to budget with confidence that costs will not rise.
No recurring AMC charges or Depreciation.
No headaches with the Installation and maintaining. Let us handle the engineering, procurement, and construction also the maintaining.
Hassle-free operating and maintenance. 24 X 7, 365 days support. It’s handled by the experts.
Customized Technological Solutions as a Service.
No waiting for discounts rebates or offers.

Our wide Range of Technology Services:

CCTV Monitoring System
Fire Alarm / Burglar Alarm System
Access Control System
Telecomm Signal Boosters (IBS)
GPS Vehicle Tracking System
Apartment Video Door Phone System
Solar Energy System
Solar Water heater System
Solar Street Light System
Energy Saving System
Rfid Projects, Etc...

contact us and be on your way towards helping us provide a safer, newer and more reliable technology service for your needs. SERVICES