E-Shielder’s Projects
With technology-oriented projects, E-Shielder Technologies can implement professional projects to meet all customers' satisfaction and help them to reduce the lost, save the cost of protecting asset as well as add the profit of sales. Our projects have been widely implemented in Universities, Colleges, Religious Places, Industries and Factories, Companies & Corporates, Hospitals, Auditoriums Etc….

These extensive ranges of projects are guaranteed full proof systems, which are fabricated from premium quality raw material. We continue to strive excellence in our wide range of projects that further enable us to carve a unique niche for ourselves in this challenging marketplace.
Our range of High-end Technological Projects are:

  • Wireless Telecom
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking System
  • CCTV Monitoring System
  • Fire Alarm / Burglar Alarm
  • Access Control System
  • Multi Apartment Video Door Phone
  • RFID Projects
    • RFID Asset Management Systemr
    • RFID Canteen Management System
    • Cargo RFID/Material RFID Management
    • Energy RFID Management
    • Hospital RFID Management
    • Library RFID Management
    • RFID Parking Management System
    • RFID Security Patrol Tour Guard
    • Student RFID Management
    • RFID Visitors Management System
    • Zigbee Projects
    • Zigbee Automatic Meter Reading System
    • Zigbee Energy Consumption Monitoring
    • Zigbee Flood Disaster Prevention System
    • Zigbee Industrial Cooling Tower Online Monitoring System
    • Zigbee Oil Pipe Line Online Monitoring System
    • Zigbee Polution Monitoring System
    • Zigbee Power Line Monitoring System
    • Zigbee Sewage Monitoring System
    • Zigbee Street Light Monitoring System
    • Zigbee Water Pipe Line Online Monitoring System
    • Solar Energy Projects
      • Solar Air Conditioning System
      • Solar Lighting System
      • Solar Water Heater Systems
      • Solar Energy Systems