Hand Held Metal Detector- Super Scanner ES-3003B1

Hand Held Metal Detector- Super Scanner ES-3003B1
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Product Introduction:
        ES-3003B1 is a universal-type hand-held metal detector, cost-effective, stable performance. Mainly used to detect metal necessary places, such as security Day-to-day metal anti-theft examination, examination room, the school to bring communications tools to prevent cheating of the inspection work, the use of the hand- held metal detectors to carry out physical inspection to avoid manual search of human rights brought about by the dispute.

Performance and features:

1. Easy to operate equipped with leather, for carrying.

2. Rechargeable function, charge time 4-6 hours (charger for select cases).

3. When enough voltage, the indicator light does not shine or alarm.

4. The light and sound vibration alarm prompted the dual mode's First use of automatic reset switch to switch the sensitivity function, thereby achieving that is capable of detecting large, but also can detect small metal objects. May need to be adjusted according to sensitivity.

1. Detection sensitivity: Φ2.5mm Ball

2. Detection: Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

3. Power supply: 9 volt battery (6F22ND)
4. Power consumption: 270mW
5. Operating frequency: 22 KHz
6. The working current: less than 50mA
7. The working temperature: -5°C -55°C
8. Net Weight: 409g
9. Size: 410 * 85 * 45mm

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