Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster Model:9102B- Dual(GSM-3G)

Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster Model:9102B- Dual(GSM-3G)
Product Code: ES-9102B-Dual (GSM-3G)
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Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster Model: ES-9102B-Dual (GSM-3G)

Product Description

Model number : ES-9102B Dual (GSM-3G)

Output power :23 dbm

Frequency Bands : Dual (GSM-3G)

Coverage area :500-800m2


Technical Features

·         High system gains.

·         Full duplex and double-end design, external power supply, and convenient installation.

·         ALC technology with auto-steady function adopted

·         Provide power indication and uplink and downlink indications.

·         With the amplified linear power, the intermodulation and spuriousness are suppressed effectively.

·         The reliability conforms to GB6993-86 standards.

·         The electromagnetic compatibility conforms to ETS300 609-4 standards.

Electrical Specification 





Frequency Range

Dual (GSM-3G)

890 ~ 915 MHz/

1920 - 1980 MHz

935 ~ 960 MHz/

2110 -2170 MHz

Gain (dB)




Gp >= 65dB





Gp >=70dB


Gain Adjustable range

MGC >= 30 dB

Export Power (Po)



>= 23 dBm

Pass band ripple

<= 5 dB


Guard band rejection

(BW-60dB) <= 42 MHz,  (BW-70 dB) <= 45 MHz

I/O impedance

50 Ohms/N connector

I/O return loss

<= -8 dB

Noise fgure

<= 8 dB

Inter modulation Attenuation

<= -40 dBi

Transmission Delay

<=0.5 µs

Ambient temperature

- 10º C ~ 50º C

Power supply

AC110 ~ 220V +- 10 % 45 ~ 55 Hz



148mm x 106mm x 33mm


To the GB699386 stabdard

Electromagnetic Compatibility

To the ETS300 694-4 stabdard


a) Power supply LED denote
b) Export Power LED denote

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