Handheld Radiation Monitor

Handheld Radiation Monitor
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Compact device intended for ambient dose equivalent rate and ambient gamma and X-radiation dose equivalent rate measurement, as well as for measurement of beta particle flux density on contaminated surfaces. In search mode it measures count rate in counts per second.

Operating principle:

Device operating principle is based on the process of count rate measurement of impulses, generated in Geiger-Muller counter tube under the influence of X, gamma and beta radiation.

Count rate is converted automatically into measurable physical values throughout the range. Energy compensating filter allows correcting energy dependence of sensitivity efficiently in entire energy range of photon radiation.

Microprocessor-based unit is responsible for controlling the radiation monitor operating modes, calculations, storing and displaying measurement results and for self-checking function.

Rated sensitivity of each measurement range sets up automatically during calibration procedure.

To facilitate the process of surface contamination evaluation the radiation monitor can be secured in a holder.


  • Radiation protective measures in case of nuclear disasters
  • Civil protection
  • Radioecology
  • Fire-fighting service
  • Customs service
  • Dosimetric monitoring in manufacturing facilities, health care and other institutions
  • Identification of banknote, identity document, personal belongings, clothing, etc. contamination with radioactive substances


  • Low weight and small size
  • Automatic compensation of intrinsic detector background
  • Sound and visual alarm in case threshold level is exceeded for dose, dose rate and flux density
  • Rapid reaction to statistically significant change of dose rate (measurement process restart)
  • Selective measurement of beta and gamma radiation in mixed fields
  • Field operation capability over a wide temperature range
  • In search mode each registered gamma quantum (beta particle) is indicated by a sound signal
  • Up to 2000 measurement results can be stored in non-volatile memory with information about measurement date and time
  • Measurement results, current time, date and battery life indicator is displayed on matrix LCD screen
  • Measurement results can be transmittedt to a PC via Bluetooth interface (If available)
  • Headphones can be attached when working in noisy environment

     Standard monitor sensitivity response upon maximum beta spectrum energy at measuring beta radiation flux density

    Standard energy response of monitor sensitivity respect to 137Cs gamma radiation of 662 keV

  Standard sensitivity response upon gamma radiation incidence angle respect to the calibration direction


Ambient gamma and X radiation dose rate equivalent  indication range 0.01 µSv/h...10 mSv/h
or  1 µrem/h...1 rem/h *
Ambient gamma and X radiation dose rate equivalent measurement range 0.1 µSv/h...10 mSv/h
or10 µrem/h...1 rem/h *

Ambient gamma and X radiation dose equivalent  indication range
1 nSv...100 mSv  
or  0.1 µrem...10 rem *
Ambient gamma and X radiation dose equivalent measurement range 0.1 µSv...100 mSv
or 10 µrem...10 rem *
Beta particles flux density (or count rate) measurement range 10...1·104 particle/min·cm2
(or 0.1...1·104 cps) *
Intrinsic relative error of dose rate measurement in the range from 
0.1 µSv/h to 10 mSv/h (10 µrem/h...1 rem/h)
±20% max.
X and gamma radiation energy range 20 keV...3 MeV
Spectrum maximum energy range of registered beta particles 155 keV...3.5 MeV

Energy dependence
 - When gamma radiation dose rate is measured for 137Cs

When beta particles flux density is measured for 90Sr+90Y




To 137Cs gamma radiation

To 90Sr+90Y beta radiation

2.8 cps/µSv·h-1

0.36 cps/particles·min-1·cm-2

Response time for dose rate measurement
(for dose rate ≥1 µSv/h)
(accuracy error ≤±10%)
Radiation overloading Radiation monitor can withstand 100-fold rise of dose rate measurement and beta particles flux density upper range limit for 5 minutes with readings not lower than maximum
Continuous run time ≥500 h
Working temperature range -20°C...+55°C
Relative humidity with air temperature ≤35°C without condensation ≤95%
Drop protection From ≤1.5 m to hard surface
Protection class IP57
Power supply 2 x AAA-size batteries (LR 03) or 2 x AAA-seize rechargeable cells with nominal voltage 1.2 V
Overall dimensions 110x60x38 mm
Weight 0.25 kg

* Units of measure are chosen during ordering procedure and cannot be altered later.

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