Let our experience be your guide,

E-Shielder Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a portfolio company that has an immeasurable experience in extending consultancy in the field of designing, developing, integrating and maintaining business applications and selling suitable hardware and associated system components as per the clients and SI’s requirements.

E-Shielder Technologies is carrying the products which can address the clients & SI’s real-time requirement in the technology domain of Integrated Building Management Solution Telecom, Solar, Zigbee, RFID, GPS, CCTV, Alarms, Access Control, Intelligent Energy Saving Systems etc. We have strategic tie ups with leading brands to address all kind of requirements from industry like Manufacturing, Retail, Infrastructure, Integrated Security & education sectors etc..

Our key strengths are the team with years of experience, world-class research ability and a strong implementation track record nationwide. The guiding principle of our organization is to provide quality products with high degree of Customer Care and impeccable service. The products being offered by us have also one important consideration - Cost Effectiveness or to say in one simple word – Best of the Breed services and hardware with reasonable cost and High Quality.

E-Shielder Technologies has successfully created a eco system where different team of Suppliers and SI’s are present on same platform, having their individual expertise in designing and implementation of integrated systems for Building management.