Cell Phone Signal Booster

You might often experience the inability to talk on your cell phone due to weak signals in a particular area, as a result of which you get irritated especially when important calls are lost. A person might try to call you up but the network is unavailable as the signal in your area is weak. What do you in this case? 

You can now install a cell phone signal booster. A signal booster is a device which will lead to reduced dropped calls and even help you to extend your cell phone range. Many manufacturers claim that a signal booster can increase the signal strength of your mobile by up to 500%.

Mini Cell Phone Signal Booster Model No: ES-9102C
Output power : 10-17 dbm
Frequency Bands : CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G, DUAL
Coverage area : 100-300m2
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High Power Cell Phone Signal Booster- Model No: ES-9102B
Output Power : 23 dbm
Frequency Bands : CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G
Coverage area : 500-800m2
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Very High Power Cell Phone Signal Booster- Model No: ES-9102A
Output Power : 30 dbm
Frequency Bands : GSM
Coverage area : 800-1500m2
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