Gold Metal Detector

Model No ES- 200
Gold ES 200 is an long range detector for electronic dowsing with 6 frequency presets to search gold, silver, brass or cooper and cavity. You can choose one frequency preset at a time.

Model No: AKS
This instrument combines archaeological field and scientific theory perfect, detection system for remote search system with high quality and precision positioning, breaks through the conventional detection method, using the micro processor control chip unit calibration, instrument self-checking system,
Model No : VR1000
VR1000 is the newest upgraded version for detecting treasure, such as gold. We add one function of adjusting sensitivity
Model No : VR3000
  • We add a function of indicator lights. These indicator lights show 20 different distances between the user with a receiver and the transmitter.
  • Most common frequencies are for detecting Detect Copper,Gold, Silver, Tin,Lead, Diamond
  • Detecting Range: 100-1000m
  • Detecting Depth: 5-50m
Model No : VR5000
This model is the new upgraded version based on VR3000. Its system utilizes advanced technology that is both an audio and visual detector.