Explosive Trace Detector

Model No ES-ED300-B
This Production is a new generation of portable photoionization explosives detector developed by our company. It uses advanced photoionization Ion Mobility Spectrometry (PIMS) technology. It is free of radioactive sources, that is no radiation hazard.

Model No ES-ED600-B: Technic datas of explosive trace detector
Source : Vacuum Ultra Violet ionization source
Explosives identify : A variety of military , civilian , and homemade explosives: Black Powder, AN, TNT, DNT, Tetry, PETN, Gun Power, NG, RDX, fireworks, C4 etc.
Narcotics identify (Optional function) : drug ,cocaine, opiates (Heroine and Morphine), , cannabis (Marijuana and Hashish) and amphetamine-type stimulants (amphetamine, ecstasy & methamphetamine)