Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Cell phone Jammer with Remote control ES-101B (High Quality Design)
Power supply : AC adapter (AC220V-DC5V)
Shielding Radius : (10-40) meters, -75dBm
Rules of installation : UL (E190582) CSA (LR 112971 Level 3)
Weigh :  2.8 KG/PCS
Remote control : Can open and close the Isolator
Deimension : W :210mm, H : 50mm, L : 170mm
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Cell phone Signal Jammer Model No: ES-101K (60/80/100watts)
Total Output Power : 4-5 Band 60/ 80/ 100Watt
Line power adapter : AC220V/ 110V DC 5V 10A
Power Consumption : 150Wh
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Outdoor High Power Cell phone Isolator ES-101M (200-500 Watts)
Total Power : 200-500W
Frequency Bands : Up to five bands
Power Supply : AC220V/ 110V DC27-28V
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