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Welcome to  E-Shielder

We E-Shielder Technologies Private Limited is professionally managed company and one of the leading importers and suppliers of high end electronic technology solution systems. We have gained proficiency over the years of operations in this field of supplying trusted solution for B2B Sectors.

Our range of High-end Technological Product and Solution is cell phone Jammer & boosters, Walkie Talkies, metal detectors, X-ray Baggage Scanner, EAS anti theft Systems, GPS trackers,Audience Responce System, RFID Solutions, Zigbee Home Automation, Solar Solutions and etc,…

These extensive ranges of systems are guaranteed full proof systems, which are fabricated from premium quality raw material. We continue to strive excellence in our wide range of products that further enable us to carve a unique niche for ourselves in this challenging marketplace.

We E-Shielder our self proud to say that, We are leading Manufactures and Suppliers of Telecom, Safety & Security, Metal Detector, Solar, Rfid, Zigbee, Power saver, Etc...

We are ready to give the High-end Technology Solution for Telecom, Safety & Security, Metal Detector, Solar, Rfid, Zigbee, Power saver, Etc..., based on your requirements and suggest you for the exact match.

E-Shielder is professionally managed company and one of the leading importers and suppliers of high end electronic technology solutions by constantly working on the latest technologies with a combination of affordability for the end user, ease of use and most importantly providing a value addition for the customer.

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Buildings define us. The shape and limit possibilities, protect us and infuriate us. Houses are core assets that can define a family’s standard of living; government decisions on infrastructure will be key to the wellbeing of generations not yet born. More

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Lulu mall, anticipated to be the fourth largest mall in India , following High Street Phoenix Mall of Mumbai 360,000 m2 (3,900,000 sq ft), Orchid Ozone Mall of Mumbai 324,000 m2 (3,490,000 sq ft) and will be bigger than the Metro Walk Mall of Delhi 2,600,000 sq ft (240,000 m2). The mall will be the size of eighteen football grounds and 60% of the size of The Dubai Mall. More

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At many conferences I attend where energy efficiency is the topic I hear just a tiny little bit about plug loads. Maybe they are just mentioned but the details are not typically spelled out. Is this because it is an overwhelming topic, or am I the only one who is overwhelmed when I think about it? We live in a wired world; even wireless devices usually communicate with something that has a wire. Personally I like to keep those tangled messes kicked far under the desk as much as possible. But I guess ign... More

why choose us

We well aware that the quality of professional security activity ultimately depends upon the willingness of practitioners to observe special standards of conduct and to manifest good faith in professional relationships, We, EShielder adopts all the Standards and Code of Ethics and mandates its conscientious observance as a binding condition of membership in or affiliation with Us

We strives for all of our products and solutions to be Environmentally Friendly Products.

Our solutions are built from the ground up to deliver exacting performance meeting the strictest guidelines, achieving an unprecedented interoperable building management system

We follow international standards and Systems for our technology solutions and services.

We keep three Cs of customer satisfaction: Consistency, consistency, consistency - It may not seem sexy, but consistency is the secret ingredient to making our customers happy

We well aware that the value for money is based not only on the minimum purchase price (economy) but also on the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the purchase. We, EShielder assures all its products and solutions are best value for money

Do you still need more reasons to business with us?